Why health plans choose to partner

Our Value Proposition

SCA Health strives to be a partner of choice through a unique value proposition based on our experience and successes. We aim to reduce the cost of care for our payers, patients, and the communities we serve.

Facility Contracting

Through strong health plan relationships, our team ensures our facilities have an In-Network position with major health plans which provides value to our patients.

Value-based Programs

Proven ability to develop a variety of value-based payment programs.

Network Development

Connectivity with physicians, health plans, hospitals, and other ambulatory services to drive value-oriented site of service migration

We partner with health plans through a range of value-based rate structures:

Value-Based Facility Fee Structure

SCA Health collaborates with health plans creating fees proportional to the acuity of service and savings potential.

Physician Quality Incentive

SCA Health partners with health plans to implement quality-based incentives paid by the plans to physicians when quality and value thresholds are met

Surgical Bundle

SCA Health facilities adminster payments for risk, quality and/or ancillary services

Cost-of-Care Control Model

SCA Health receives fixed supply reimbursement by procedure and distributes unit cost savings

Shared Savings Pool

SCA Health and health plans establish and distribute a site of service savings pool with parameters on quality and savings

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