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We relentlessly create value in specialty care by aligning physicians, health plans and health systems around a common goal: delivering exceptional care and healing to our patients and communities we serve. Today, SCA Health is more than an ASC management company. We’re putting the pieces of the specialty care continuum together by supporting physician specialists more holistically in many aspects of patient care.

Leaders in Specialty Care

Leaders in Specialty Care that fulfill the quadruple aim: providing high quality outcomes and a better experience for patients and providers, all at a lower total cost of care.

Driven by our mission to improve health care in America, SCA Health is proud of its more than 320+ surgical facilities, 11,300 teammates, and 9,200 physicians who serve nearly 1.43 million patients each year.

surgical facilities

SCA Health teammates

physicians who serve

1.43 million
patients each year

SCA Health has evolved to support physician specialists more holistically in many aspects of patient care. We’re transforming care in our communities through partnerships that support clinical independence and align quality, connectivity, and value.

  • We connect patients to physicians in new and differentiated ways as part of Optum Care and with our new Specialist Management Solutions business.
  • We have pioneered a physician-led, MSO-model of practice management that restores physician agency by aligning incentives to support growth and transition to value.
  • We help physicians address everything beyond surgical procedures, including anesthesia and ancillary service lines.

Our Businesses:

SCA Health has a dynamic group of physician-driven, specialty care business lines that allows us to customize solutions for our local partners, no matter the need or challenge:

Industry-leading core ASC business delivers high-quality, lower cost care with exceptional patient and physician satisfaction scores.

ASC business delivers high-quality, lower cost care with exceptional patient and physician satisfaction scores.

Our GI-focused ASC business, PE GI Solutions, delivers high-quality, lower cost care with an exceptional patient and physician satisfaction scores. It also helps GI physicians develop and manage their practices and endoscopic ASCs.

SCA’s physician-led, professionally managed Optum Specialty Practices offers physicians a new business model that supports their independence and growth and shifts them to value.

Specialist Management Solutions helps employers and their employees navigate the challenges of healthcare by connecting them with local surgeons and facilities, saving up to 50% on their care.

What Makes SCA Health Different:

Through our best-in-class talent and visionary, data-driven approach, we are challenging the status quo and setting new standards of excellence in specialty care:

We use our deep relationships, scale, and relevance to address the specific needs of our local partners

  • We align care with our patients’ primary care physicians
  • We create innovative payment models that drive quality patient outcomes
  • We drive growth and financial returns to our partners

Our approach puts the patient first. We offer our partners the depth of support and expertise they need to focus what matters most: delivering high-quality, value-oriented care to our patients.

As part of Optum, a division of the largest healthcare company in the U.S., our network and resources enable us to meaningfully improve care in our communities and across the country.

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